Burger Cravings

Ever tried a turkey burger? You should now! Many restaurants offer this healthier alternative, and it’s tasty too! Or, try making it yourself. Here, I used ground turkey, chopped onions, garlic powder, salt, and pepper and voilà!  Homemade turkey burgers!


Flower Nursery

Do you ever have one of those days, where you need a quick pick me up? Instead of indulging yourself in sweets, try stopping by your local nursery. The bright colors and varieties of local and exotic plants will surely help bring a smile to you face! Unless you’re highly allergic to flowers. If so, you can just imagine yourself at the nursery with these pictures ;p


The Bar-B-Q Shop

It’s barbecue time in Memphis! When people think about barbecue, they imagine maybe a family picnic with some fresh watermelon, rich apple pie, and racks of BBQ ribs! Actually, in Memphis, it’s BBQ 24/7. Although known for their dry rub, I prefer my BBQ drenched in wet tangy sauce.  Here, the beau and I had early supper at The Bar-B-Q Shop in Midtown Memphis. First up was BBQ Nachos. I think this was one of my favorite dish because it combines two of my favorite food together. The nacho seasoning was a bit salty, but there was a nice smoke flavor from the hearty amount of pulled pork. Next, the wet half rack consisted of eight “fall off the bones” ribs. The outside had a nice crisp while the inside was super tender and smoky. Finally, my pick from The Bar-B-Q Shop, BBQ spaghetti! While the noodles were a bit overcooked, the pulled pork was tender and it literally melted in your mouth. Instead of marinara, the dish was covered with a sweet, light, and tangy BBQ sauce. Delish!

Jian Bing

Who would have thought so much flavor can be packed into this small Chinese pancake or crepe.  I got this light snack at Chang’s Bubble Tea Cafe in Cordova, Tennessee. This flaky crepe is filled will pork, mushrooms, and  green onions. For those who want to add a little kick, the rooster brand chili paste is a nice dip. Hao chi!

Korean Rice Cake (Dukboki)

Dukboki is Korean rice cakes braised with many different vegetables. In this pot it is cooked with cabbage, onions, and fishcakes. Normally, Dukboki is spicy but we added some honey powder to the mixture. I can’t really handle spicy food :p